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Banner advertisements are becoming all the rage in the marketing advertisement world because of their versatility. Banner signs are commonly used in residential settings for security, wayfinding, community events, and our favorite – fundraising for your local club or school. Meanwhile, in commercial spaces; almost all brick-and-mortar stores have some kind of window sign including sales and promotions, communicating store hours, and more. Banners make an inexpensive and portable way to create buzz for your sale, inventory, or event. 


If you want to fully maximize your dollar and space for advertising, then you should go for static cling decals. Here at AGI Solutions, we are the #1 leading specialty printer service providing vibrant and lively prints tailored to your needs. We consist of highly-trained and passionate individuals to serve every client across Sarasota, Florida for many years.

About Static Cling Decals

Static cling decals are products where you can apply or reapply posters, messages, reminders, specials, wayfinding, and other helpful signage. The fact that they are removable and easily moveable means that you gain the security of easy application and the ease of getting “just the right look” for your signage, permits, or reminders. This is what makes them stand out compared to other traditional adhesive decals that are applied on trucks and other storefronts. Additionally, they are like a normal sticker that any business establishment might use on their front door or fleet except that it lacks the one-time-use adhesive material.


Instead, static cling window decals use a vinyl-based film that can stick to a wide range of materials. These include glass, metal, or plastic leaving without annoying trace or etch on the surface once removed. It makes your glass windows flawless at all times. Easy apply, easy cleanup, ultra removable decals make your job easy!

How Does The Static Cling Decal Work?

Debunking the most common belief about static cling decal, they really don’t have anything to do with static electricity. They both function on entirely different principles called air pressure and molecular bonding.


To feed your curiosity, the science behind these works is as follows:


If the static cling poster is applied on a smooth facade, you are placing a flat, smooth material on top of another smooth surface. It will effectively remove all the air or bubbles trapped in between the two poster materials. Thus, it creates a vacuum between the smooth surface and the film that you are advertising.


The vacuum then will prevent any detachment or movement due to the air pressure surrounding the room. Moreover, it maintains the flatness of the decals against any surface. 

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